The product, which will say goodbye to smoking

The product, which will say goodbye to smoking
 Smokers wanting to give up the habit, spend money on nicotine pastors and studying books containing advice for smoking cessation, but these measures do not bring any results. Scientists have also established that in order to say goodbye to cigarettes, you should change your diet.
 There are products that can both improve the taste of tobacco, and, on the contrary, make it ugly. The first category includes beverages containing caffeine, meat and alcohol. Indeed, many people who are usually very moderate in consumption of cigarettes, start to smoke one after the other, they should drink.

But fruits and vegetables will help you say goodbye to addiction. Scientists from the University of Buffalo conducted an experiment, which involved about a thousand people. All participants were determined to give up cigarettes. The study lasted for several years, and as a result, it was found that subjects who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables three times faster and more easily able to say goodbye to the bad habit. This is due to the fact that contained in the gifts of nature fiber significantly impair the taste of tobacco.

Another product that will quickly give up cigarettes - it's milk. Drink cleanses the body, accelerates the removal of toxins and also affect the taste of tobacco. However, for these purposes may be used only fresh milk. Pasteurized products sold in stores, will not achieve the desired effect.

There are also special diet, which should make it easier for smokers parting with their addiction. They include cereal, cooked cereal grains with honey and nuts, cabbage soup with fresh cabbage as the first dish, rice or potatoes in their skins as a garnish, all kinds of vegetable salads, fish and cheese. During the diet should drink at least two liters of purified, but not boiling water. Will also be helpful to include in the menu, lemon, orange and grapefruit juices. Adhering to such a diet, you not only easily parted with a bad habit, but also cleanse the body.

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