How to relieve fatigue from his eyes. Gymnastics

How to relieve fatigue from his eyes. Gymnastics
 Eyes - the most important organ involved in the perception of the world and getting new experiences, and so it is very important to properly care for them. Modern city dwellers spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, both at work and at home, and they should spend more time on hygiene of view - in particular, the use of means of caring and doing exercises for the eyes, relieves fatigue and stress.

To soothe tired eyes, you can do from time to time compresses decoction of chamomile pharmacy. The skin around the eyes should be applied moisturizer in the morning and wipe the skin around the eyes and eyelids with ice cubes. It stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin more supple and fresh. If during the day you will spend a lot of time on the computer for at least two or three times a day do relaxing exercises.

Blinked his eyes a few seconds, trying to blink as much as possible more frequent. Blinked, open your eyes and look without blinking in front of him, and then look up and look at the ceiling, hold for 10 seconds.

After that do the same thing, moving look at the floor. Looks top-down and bottom-up gradually and slowly, avoiding sharp eye movements, as well as maintaining the immobility of the head. Should only move his eyes. Then look to the right and left eyes, and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Head and neck in these exercises remain stationary.

In each side follow the rotational movement of 15-20 seconds. Despite clearly ahead, draw eyes in the air an imaginary eight - first draw a horizontal figure eight, then vertical. Try to reduce the view of the bridge of the nose and the tip of a pencil. Without taking his eyes from the tip of a pencil, drawing him back slowly shifted to the right and to the left, pushes closer to him.

Standing near the window, reduce eye on the tip of his nose, and then bring the eyes to the window and look into the distance. Repeat this exercise several times - look into the distance, and then his eyes fixed on the tip of the nose. At the end of the exercise zazhmurte and leave your eyes closed for 30 seconds.

Massage your earlobes and make a compress with a decoction of sage, chamomile or tea brewing. All of these exercises effectively relax the eye and relieve fatigue.

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