Perebezhchitsa: in search of the ideal job

Perebezhchitsa: in search of the ideal job
 You change jobs every year? This is understandable, because every company has its drawbacks, in addition, one tends to strive for the best. But such frequent changes of workplace can lead to the fact that HR staff will treat you wary, thinking that you do not linger in the company. How to find the perfect job that does not want to change?

Gone are the days when it was a normal lifetime to work for the same company. On the contrary, it is believed that from time to time should change jobs, to grow and develop, to learn new things. But those who talk about it in a positive way, it is usually assumed that such a change will occur no more frequently than once every two or three years. Many remained HR managers, for whom frequent transitions candidates - a significant disadvantage.

So, before you leave from the old location to the new or re-start looking for a job, think about what you do not like the company. There are situations where changes are imperative - not enough money, feisty team, lack of prospects. But it also happens that the problem is not in the work, and the employee.

Ask yourself, what should be the ideal job? Make (and fix) a description of your ideal job, the boss duties. It may happen that you were not at all out of place and you want to deal with another matter. In this case, it is not necessary to waste time on frequent change of firms engaged in the same area, because you do not want to work with it. Try to get to those whom you would like to be. If this requires additional education, try to get it (in some cases it is sufficient to complete retraining courses, which last only six months). Sometimes it can solve all the problems and find the perfect job.

It also happens that you are completely out of place and do what you like, but you can not hold prospects of the company. In this case, before making the decision to leave, talk with management and explain the situation. Make it clear that you have outgrown your position or what you would like to work in a different mode. It is possible that you will meet, and go immediately rashochetsya. However, management can not rush to transfer you to a higher position or change functionality, assuming you have enough competent. In this case it is necessary to recognize the rightness or manual, or if you do not agree with him, to seek a new location.

Often the work is perfect in all respects ... except the team. Do not underestimate its importance, because in the office, we spend a third of life. But also overestimated - work is not friendly company. Each team from time to time may be unpleasant things. Therefore, to change jobs because of colleagues standing only when you do not have them with absolutely no understanding. To avoid falling into the same situation in the new job, consider that it is so complicated you life and try to figure out the interview as much as possible about your future employees. If, for example, you are not able to successfully work with older women, then find out how many of these women will work with you in this company.

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