Let's talk about the interview

Let's talk about the interview
 Interview - is a kind of familiarity of the employer and the applicant. At the meeting they discussed further cooperation, evaluate the opportunity to work with each other. If you are a competitor, in your power to show their best side. Remember, this is the first step in your career.
 Going for an interview with a potential employer, you should be prepared. To do this, make inquiries about the company, that is, on its activities, specific work, prestige, etc. Also, you can refresh your memory. Let's say you want to be a financial analyst. In this case, you ought to repeat some of the economic terms, to clarify the rates (for example, the CBR refinancing rate). Prepare a list of questions that you are interested in, for example, you can learn about the schedule of work, career prospects, etc.

Take care about their appearance. You should look neat and businesslike. Even if you know that the company canceled a strict dress code, do not adhere to this rule, because you are not an employee of the company. In no case do not chew gum, it is very indecent! Pay attention to the manicure, hands should be well groomed.

In no case do not be late! Before the interview, turn off the mobile phone. Try not to be nervous, be yourself. Remember that an interview conducted by experienced psychologists, so false it will be easy calculated. Answer all questions honestly. If you ask what kind of job you want, answer directly and to the point. In no case do not answer a question with a question, do not interrupt the person.

If you are prompted to fill in the questionnaire, fill in all the information. Do not neglect this point, as personal qualities. Here you can include not only honesty, good manners, but also cool, ambition.

The employer may want to check your suitability. In this case, you will be asked specific questions, they can cause you to certain emotions, such as stress. You have to keep calm and not to succumb to provocations. Also, you may be asked to play in the scene, that is, lose situation. Let's say you took a sales manager. The interviewer will ask you to come up with a device that does not exist in the world. In addition, you must present it so that the customer wanted to buy it. Engage all their imagination, think of something original!

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