How to get to the stock exchange

How to get to the stock exchange
 Labor exchange or employment center - an institution that helps citizens to find work, lets get retraining to another profession, to get financial support to start their own business. During the registration of paid unemployment benefits if you pay a citizen does not have a regular source of income.
 To register for unemployment can citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons who are authorized to reside in the territory of the Russian Federation. Put on record only those who have lost their jobs to reduce or in connection with the dismissal, for whatever reason, it does not work at all, at least 16 years old and has no income from any kind of activity, and does not receive social benefits from the state.

For registration required passport, documents on education, employment history had previously worked for the citizens. If you have recently quit or cut you, then present your certificate of employment forms 2-PIT for the three months prior to the date of dismissal.

After 10 days, you recognize the unemployed, put on the account and credited for unemployment benefits. For just been fired or downsized citizens benefit is 75% of average earnings. It will pay for three months. From the fourth month allowance is reduced to 60%. Seven months later, the benefit will be equal to 40% of average earnings. If you have not worked or have passed since the dismissal of more than one year, you will be credited the minimum benefit.

All the time you are registered for unemployment, you have to actively attempt to find a job. Also, you will systematically offer vacancies in your locality. If you can not find a suitable job in their specialty and qualification, you can writing to express the wish to undergo retraining and get more in demand in the labor market specialty. Training is done at government expense, after which you will be helping to look for a suitable job.

If you want to do your own business, then you need to submit a written application, submit a business plan and a project to pass a three-month training course in the business center of your city. After that, you can provide facilities for opening their own business.

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