How to find young professionals

How to find young professionals
 Why young professionals recently graduated from school, so hard to find a job? There are many reasons: lack of experience, an increased risk of unrealistic expectations, lack of knowledge of the specifics of a particular job. In most cases, these fears stop employers from employment of graduates.
 However, most of the causes are not built on the experience with the newcomers, but only on assumptions. And young professionals need to effectively refute them.

For example, the lack of experience. Not a bad idea in this regard - it's an internship, internship during training. The best thing - a watch company in advance, an organization in which the student would like to work after graduation. But the mere existence of any records in the workbook will create a positive impression. You can get a temporary job during the holidays. And even unpaid work (for example, personal book volunteer) can show the desire to work.

Ignorance of the specialty. Often work in the company is very different from the subjects studied in high schools. And employers, considering candidates from yesterday's student and a person who has worked, even if not in this specialty, chooses the latter. He argues it and time-consuming with additional training, retraining, providing internships.

A great way for young professionals in this case - to agree to a position below Applying for, followed by career development.

The next concern - communication with colleagues. In the long-established team their existing relationship, its own microclimate. There is an assumption that a person who had never worked in a team, can not integrate into the overall work. Like, graduates 20-23 years maximalist views, and they "do not stand on ceremony" with the opinions of others. Such confusion can be dispelled by personal contact, at the first interview, showing loyalty, communicative and interpersonal skills.

Interview - an important factor in hiring. On how the show itself applicant may have an opinion and the overall outcome of a decision on employment. Resume plays a role, but it is likely that it can be made subjectively or professional qualifications in the text are exaggerated, and the employer is aware of this. In a personal conversation open human qualities such as perseverance, ambition, tact. As well as professional skills: clarifying questions on specific skills will show how qualified bidder.

Young professionals need to know why it is the employer hires graduates. It means they agree to perform work for lower pay, in the absence of a family employee may allow long working hours, inconvenient schedule, to accept challenging assignments to advance in their careers. And for a place young applicant must not only recognize it, but also show a clear interest in these aspects, for example, to agree to a less promising place, the low salary of the alleged. Even if in the future career will be delayed, the young specialist will have experience, and there is a suitable position is much easier.

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