How to become a trader

How to become a trader
 Trader - demanded trade, which now possess a variety of ways. The C includes transactions based on an analysis of the current market situation.
Who can become a trader

Master the art of stock trading should be people with a mathematical turn of mind, knowing how to find the cause-and-effect relationships. This is very important because it will always have to analyze the movement of prices, to identify new trends and make predictions for the future. Parallel to this applicant for the position must be diligent, capable of for a long time to perform monotonous work.

A trader can be hired as an employee, and free from the relationship with the employer. And if in the first case, it runs the risk of money the company / client, in the second - only their own means. Needless to say, that occupy a vacant position in a prestigious company manages far few are willing to learn the basics of the profession? Large companies amateur work will not be accepted for employment, they require specific knowledge and experience. If neither one nor the other, it must first be trained and then hone their skills in practice. And another thing: the decisive role played by education, it is desirable that it be economic or financial.

How to become an independent dealer

But you can choose another way - become a free trader, for example. Naturally, in this case will have to learn the basics of the profession, it is in the interests of the specialist. If you do not know the principles of operation, mechanisms of movement of prices and options make predictions, you can pay for your ignorance all the commercial capital.

Sign up for courses in any company that provides similar services. The theory is the same everywhere, so the nature of the fundamental importance of the institution does not have if you certainly do not aspire to obtain a certificate of qualification of a particular place.

But to enter into a service contract trading account is not in a hurry: pre sure to check the documents of the company, which permit to conduct this activity. The fact that some organizations calling themselves dealing centers, are not, and work is under license bookmaker. Thus, all their clients allegedly bet, and access to the commission of actual transactions on the stock exchange they have. In this case, income is recognized as a gain, which, moreover, is not easy to get. Therefore, when choosing a mediator, be extremely careful, carefully check for potential partners and do not rush to decision-making.

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