8 steps to find work

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 Success in finding a job depends on the proper organization of the process. The more serious you go to search, the sooner find a new employer. The main thing - do not sit back and wait until you find the work itself.
 The first step

Start your job search with a compilation of his resume. It should be written briefly but succinctly reflect your strengths. Be sure to include it in education, work experience and describe the features that you are able to perform in their specialty.

The second step

Place resume on the Internet. Currently, there are many free job search sites, where you can post your resume, fill out the required plate. Take advantage of this.

The third step

View Search ads employees. These can also be found in the Internet, newspapers and see on television, and even hear the radio.

The fourth step

Come up with a cover letter. Along with sending resume should enjoy the right to a cover letter. This should not be too lengthy, but it is certainly worth to point out why you will carry out duties in that position better than others.

Fifth step

Send out a resume and cover letter to those organizations in which you would like to work. And you can send them to all companies including those that do not require new employees. May review your resume, they are interested in your candidacy.

Sixth step

While waiting for a response from the employer to the sent resume, be sure to inform your friends about your job search. Maybe they can help you in this matter.

Seventh step

If you have recently retired, and before that worked at least 6 months, be sure to become registered with the Employment Center. In addition to the jobs on offer, you will pay is decent allowance equal to 70% of salary, but no more than 4,900 rubles a month. If you do not have time to work for six months, the amount of payments will be 800 rubles.

Eighth step

Prepare for the interview. Before going to an interview to the employer, it is necessary not only to rehearse a speech about their skills and merits, but also to learn any information about the new organization.

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