What is the shadow applicators

What is the shadow applicators
 Hard to believe that it is now possible to make up professionally eyes in just a few seconds. And at the same time to achieve excellent shading and a beautiful range of colors. Shadows-apllikatory developed by US company ColorOn - a revolution in cosmetology.

Their operating principle is that you need to make the applicator to age along the lash line, press the middle and index finger inner and outer corners of the century. Thereafter, the index finger of the second hand is necessary to hold several times on the surface with an applicator strip, in the direction from the nose to the temples. In this case of whether you will depend on the brightness of makeup. After that, the applicator can be easily, but carefully remove the century. The shade if you want a bit of shade. As a result, for a few seconds turns professional make-up, the quality is not inferior to the efforts of a half-hour makeup artists.

Of course, a set of five strips, applicators, protective powder, which enshrines the shadows and brushes for applying its production ColorOn (America) is from 750 to 1,200 Russian rubles and Australian Eye Majic, consisting of two applicators, from 300 to 500 rubles. But perhaps these shadows are worthy: besides ease of application, they are also hygienic, waterproof and gippoalergennye. In the opinion of domestic buyers, disposable applicators can be called only conditionally: they paint over the other eye is not worse than the first, but if you want them, and on the second day can be used.

About the form of strips also worry not: it is universal and ideal for all forms of human century. Stick a miracle breakthrough technology can be different: the dark side down, or vice versa, up. It depends on the shape of the eye and the incision.

Frequent attenders clubs will certainly taste the unusual coloring of the eyes in the form of leopard spots or zebra stripes. Also there is a classic club options where one bright color shimmers in the other, forming a beautiful gradient. And for an evening trip to the theater or the opera will be very helpful evening shadows applicators, making eye simply stunning in its beauty. There are also daily variations, stylish and discreet. In short, everything you need for beauty.

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