Rules applying makeup east

Rules applying makeup east
 For centuries, women have used paint to make its appearance of brightness, expressiveness and underscore its most attractive features. And, perhaps, the fair sex from eastern countries in this art has no equal. The secret of their makeup are happy to use the beauty of the world. Apply this makeup is not easy. But the time and effort spent on creating your new image will pay off handsomely: you will be irresistible.
 When people talk about the eastern makeup, involve three main areas of his or style: Japanese, Indian and Arabic.

Japanese makeup - is primarily a contrast. Since the white skin in the Land of the Rising Sun has always been considered a sign of aristocracy, the tradition is preferred brighter tone cream and light powder. Barely allowed pale pink blush. Eyebrows are made very thin and crisp black. The same clear black arrow highlights the slanting of the eyes. Shade or do not overlap at all, or used, but only a very gentle, pastel tones. Lips are drawn bright and shiny, and more prized little expressive mouth.

In the Indian make-up at the same time allocated and eyes and lips. Blond woman in this country is not, so you have to choose foundation slightly darker than your natural complexion. Blush in this make-up is not required. Eyebrows are drawn clearly, as well as eyes. Upper and lower eyelids are enclosed in a black pencil or eyeliner, eyelashes - and the top and bottom - quite intensively painted. But the bright shade in this case is clearly inappropriate, since the whole make-up as a whole will look rough. Lips make-up volume in the Indian and shiny. To give them sensuality use pearl lipstick or on its core lipstick, apply gloss.

The most common in the world, including in our country, Arabic makeup that is easy to explain: brunettes and brown-haired, brown to owners, green, and blue eyes, which we have most of the more suitable the Arabic version. Its distinguishing feature - a bright accent to the eyes, which are made languid, seductive and mysterious. Other parts of the face, like, not particularly stand out, but it was carefully and painstakingly preparing them makes the whole image complete.

Makeup in the Arab style, start by selecting the shadows, because they depend on the color of your eyes. Brown-eyed girls suit blue, blue, brown and red (different shades), yellow and green shadows. Blue-green eyes and can choose gold and silver, pink and purple hues. Primary colors should be two, sometimes allowed and third, but it should be barely noticeable. And in any case they are always combined with black eyeliner.

To Arabic makeup was qualitative, take care of preparing the face: face powder and concealer applied so that the skin is smooth, smooth and delicate. Blush should give the impression of light tan and not to distract the attention. Pay special attention to the eyebrows. They are, in principle, can be different - and thin, and thick, but the main requirement: the clarity and precision; not allowed any extra hair. Shadows overlap heavily, occupying all the space from the eyebrows to the lower lash line. To give your eyes the mystery and depth, making a smooth transition from dark to light colors. Arrows - thin and neat. Ink is applied in several layers to the upper eyelashes and once - to lower. Lip perfect pale pink, light brown and caramel-colored lipstick.

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