5 mistakes make-up after 40 years

5 ? ? 40 ?
 Every woman at some point in their life understands that youth has passed and it was time to maturity. But not everyone can accept this fact. This rejection of the conception expressed in the makeup mistakes that are being made in an effort to return, at least with the help of cosmetics, the elusive youth.
 But returning youth "cream margaritas" modern cosmetic industry to offer lovely ladies still can not, and advertising assurances that "this cream will make you younger by ... tsat years" as a rule, are a common trick of the seller. Therefore, instead of stuffing all kinds of makeup jars and dauber, try to go on a healthy diet and plenty of sleep to fully walk in the fresh air. And also - refrain from certain mistakes made by women in the pursuit of youth.

Dry skin

 Uvlazhat skin a must - a good make-up is built on the fresh skin, and hydration is the most important element of freshness. Lack of moisture will make your skin dull and gray, which clearly add several years. Begin and end the day gentle cleansing and moisturizing - and you'll be much younger.

Blurred image

 With age the facial muscles begin to weaken and sag, respectively, and the image that she wants to see in the mirror begins to blur. Many people try to correct the contours using decorative cosmetics funds - too much foundation, blush too bright. This not only makes makeup sloppy and vulgar, but also adds age. Instead of "combat" means you should regularly carry out procedures aimed at lifting the face - as the salon and home. You will receive an accurate contour and will look younger.

Remember neck

 Wrinkles on the neck and décolleté groomed issue age. This is especially noticeable if the person strongly "plastered" with plenty of makeup, but the neck you have forgotten. And it turns out - the face looks younger and neck treacherously announces age. Care for the skin of the neck and chest during make-up and do not forget to put on this area necessary cosmetics.

Too bright

 Do not get carried away with bright colors and shades of lipstick, prefer natural colors and soft gamma. Very good shade of flesh, pale pink lipstick and pink and peach shades. Choosing between lipstick and glitter - Select shine. It will give your lips extra volume and sexuality.

Pale cheeks

 After forty years, unless you are mulatto, chocolate, skin begins to fade naturally. And if earlier among aristocratic ladies was in vogue "interesting pallor," now that image is no longer welcome. Be sure to use a gentle blush pink or peach color, they will refresh your face and make you younger.

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