Trendy makeup in 2010 (Photos)

 With the advent of the new season updated fashion trends: the leading manufacturers of cosmetics presented their latest collection, the final year and marks the long-awaited holidays approach. This winter ball rules and retro sensual femininity - glowing skin, bright lips, languid eyes. You will be surprised how different can be interpreted the term "classic beauty". Women's magazine JustLady presents an overview of fashion wear make-up of the world's legislators trends.

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2010 Makeup by Guerlain

To brighten up the slush and cold early December, Guerlain launches a new limited edition collection Impériale, consisting of seven products:

Powder for the face and body Éclat Impérial
Powder in the balls Météorites Perles Impériales
Compact powder Météorites Voyage Impériales
Shadows Ombre Eclat 4er (set of shades Bal de minuit)
Mascara Le 2 de Guerlain
Glitter KissKiss Gloss
Lipstick Rouge G de Guerlain (tone and Grace Gems)

guerlain imperiale

New2010 makeup by Guerlain - Is the embodiment of the aristocracy. Nothing exotic, no screaming sexuality. The real beauty classicality and there is time Impériale collection proves it. Stylists Guerlain developed products that do not require exceptional skill and some special techniques in make-up: fine powder smoothes the skin and gives it a slightly perceptible sheen and delicate aroma of violets, natural shade of shadow highlights the depth of the eyes, pinkish lipstick with a slight golden shimmer makes lips silky.

2010 Makeup by Estee Lauder

The name of the new collection speaks for itself - Ultimate Red Holiday Collection is a celebration as it is cheerful, bright, full festival favorite shades of red and gold. Universal combination of expressive shadows, lipstick and rich velvety matte skin will not look away from the beautiful happy face! Palette Golden Opulence is ideal for owners of light eyes: shadows of different shades of brown in perfect harmony with scarlet or gold lipstick. Lavish Plum palette created for those whose eyes are brown: underline their charm shadows plum color and lip color reserving blueberries or cranberries. Completes the look amazing mascara with natural particles of gold - TurboLash All Effects Motion.

Trendy makeup in 2010 (Photos)

2010 Makeup by Yves Saint Laurent

Another name that speaks - a collection End of the Year in 2009 by Yves Saint Laurent offers a plunge into the world of glamor with his head. Your Lovely Palette for Lips (gold) and eye (silver), styled ladies' bracelet, you can create a better day or evening makeup and perfectly combined with each other. In the afternoon you wear pearl cream shade and gloss champagne color to emphasize the eyes in the evening dramatic purple lips - thick pink-beige.

Trendy makeup in 2010 (Photos)

End of the Year 2009 refers to the universal beauty secrets, proclaiming the mostFashion makeup outgoing year unbeaten combination of smokey Aes and dark red lipstick. Lipstick Fard à Lèvres Rouge Pur is available in two new trendy shades - Tulipe Noire
and Rouge Sublime.

Makeup by Revlon in 2010

Trendy new look from the American company Revlon was called Passion Fusion, «Whirlwind of passion." In this make-up used rich, matte "earthen" colors that emphasize the natural beauty. Summoning dark lips and heavily painted eyelashes and relevant for day and for evening options. The difference is that during the day make-up artists Revlon recommend using light shadows, visually make eyes open and radiant, and in the evening to decorate your eyes all the same "smoky" makeup.

Trendy makeup in 2010 (Photos)

2010 Makeup by Shiseido

The Japanese rely on sight - and win! According to designers Shiseido, the main condition of this winter - expressively painted eyes. This will help to fifteen new shades shadow Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color. It's amazing rare, open and bright colors that will help start a fascinating game with color and light.

Trendy makeup in 2010 (Photos)

"Raisin"fashion make-up from Shiseido is that by choosing a bright shade of eye, lip, select the related, but many times less saturated color. So, to pink-purple shades suit pinkish lipstick Ash, and to the sunny yellow - gold lip gloss.

Makeup 2010 by Clarins

Clarins do not want to part with the summer and nude sun-kissed look, turning bronze into gold. Winter Makeup by Clarins - it is pure soft glow created by using a limited collection of exhibits Palazzo D'Oro.

Trendy makeup in 2010 (Photos)

GOLD ATTRACTION Palette Yeux 4 Ombres & Liner - a palette of shadows and eyeliner, allowing to create an extravagant makeup in "cat" style, gives the eye a memorable depth. Lipstick Joli Rouge Brillant adds luxury, making lips into a jewel. This smile melts the snow!

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