Smoky eye makeup

 Smoky eyes are one of the most visible elements of style for several seasons, and expectoration of this trend is not expected. Women's magazine JustLady your attention step by step to achieve a stunning effect.

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The most important thing when creating a smoky eye - well shaded.

You must ensure that the color change from one to another without visible borders. It is also important to be able to combine the light base colors with rich dark. Successful combinations include: golden base with a saturated purple, champagne with bright shades of blue and peach base with emerald-green.

1. Prepare the eyelids. The secret of persistent shadows without melting on your eyelids - no fat. To achieve this, use the make-up foundation.

2. Apply eyeliner. If you want to use the classic black, brown or gray shades, apply the selected color line growth over the upper lash line prorisovyvaya slightly thicker toward the center of the eye.
If your option - iridescent shades of brilliant shine, move the eyes purple, blue or dark green.

3. Blend the color at the lower lashes. For lower color (key for "smoky" effect), use a light pencil and blend well it.
For more "blur" can add some shadows.

4. Apply a light base color again. Once again, the main thing - a harmonious blend of dark and light colors.
Based on preference for good cream shade. Apply a little flickering shadows lighter shade under the brow. It seems easy, moist texture remains in his eyes forever.

5. Carefully check your work. Make sure that the eyes are made up symmetrically and use a cotton swab for additional feather.

6.Zavershite several layers of makeup bulk ink.

Useful tips:

1. Do not forget to leave bodily lips. Striking bright make-up (like smoky eyes or red lips) which focus only on the eyes or lips, never on that, and on the other. (Imagine Angelina Jolie: She plays with her huge eyes either, or large lips. If she stressed, and that, and another, it would look like a clown).

2. For variety, try blue or purple mascara. It will make blue eyes stand out more.

3. Eyeliner - this is not necessarily a pencil. Professional makeup artists know that shadows create the best eyeliner. To take advantage of this reception, wet brush to apply eyeliner and her dark shadows. This will get a straight line deep shade. You can also use dark shadows and dry brush. But, anyway, eyeliner - a necessary element of a smoky eye.

4. This season, take note iridescent shades (blue, blue-eyed great for girls!) And save smoky mystery, but avoid dark brown and black. Instead, they try vibrating shades of purple, golden brown color, and many others.

You will need:

* Basis for age (it is not obligatory, but well to keep the shadows)
* Two shades of shadows, one darker, lighter one
* Eyeliner
* Mascara

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