How to trace the eyes

How to trace the eyes
 Make-up - is both science and art, but one theory of knowledge is not enough. Beauty must use the tool skillfully. Be careful, be careful when applying makeup on her eyes. To learn something new, you must first practice.
 The image must be holistic and complete. To help make up look irresistible, consider the type of eye and face shape. Do not use eyeliner dark colors, if you are small, deep-set eyes. Choose silver, solid, blue shades. Avoid them if you have large eyes - black soft swipe line ink, clear contours you to anything.

Follows the general pattern of makeup. To emphasize the eyes, you need to circle the upper eyelid, to hold the bottom line, do not forget about the outer edge of the eye. Fail the inner edge of the century with the help of contour pencil thin arrows make liquid eyeliner. Use a soft pencil along the upper lash.

Eyeliner to use mascara on the eyelashes. Keep the brush, tilting it to the side - lines are smooth and thin.
If you are afraid of what will happen uneven contour start painting from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. Then continue the line to the inner corner of the eye. Pre-coat the eyelids shadows flesh-colored - it is necessary for a clear arrow.

During makeup eyelids do not stretch. Pencil line get rough and uneven eyeliner. Draw lines in the small semi centuries. Make a small mark points and gently connect them to each other, because to get a smooth continuous eye liner difficult. Pre remove excess liner with a brush, if there will be a surplus in their eyes, have to wash off and start all over again.

To hand does not twitch and trembling, running his eyes, leaning on the table. Choose the right eyeliner. Use a thin eyeliner easier with more voluminous tassels lines are inaccurate. Go to this kind of brushes, only if well learned to use eye shadow.

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