How to make eyes bright and expressive

How to make eyes bright and expressive
 Girls dream to have a deep, velvet, mysterious eyes. Skilled make-up will help create this miracle of transformation. Armed with shadows, pencil and ink, you will achieve a charming expressive eyes.
 Start-up with correcting deficiencies and problem areas. You will need reticulation with different shades of tonal masking agents. Dark circles under the eyes from fatigue help hide cream with green pigments blend it with a sponge or fingertip. Above it is necessary to apply a layer of transparent powder.

Then comes the turn of eyeliner. Do not draw a thick black line, in this case will only see them, and not your beautiful eyes.
Take a soft pencil in dark gray and gently draw an arrow from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, slightly lifting the line to the temple. Draw a line and along the lower eyelid. Blend the line with a narrow brush with gray pearl shadows.

To further take eye makeup set shadow smoky eyes, they help to achieve mystery and expressiveness. Try to put on the upper eyelid along the lash line smear bronze color. This will give sight magnetic shine. Bright flickering shadows to put under the eyebrows and on the inner corner of the eye.

Experiment with color cosmetics. Mix different shades to create a new tone that will only be yours. It is best to use a silky pearl shadows, they are better able to make expressive eyes than matte.

"Expand" the eyes and make them more possible with the help of tweezers eyelash curler. Ink use the one that gives the maximum amount. Apply it in several layers.

All cosmetic products, use only good quality, so as not to cause eye irritation. After all, what kind of expression may be involved, if the ink flaking, shade roll and pencil smeared.

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