How to Make a Gothic makeup

How to Make a Gothic makeup
 Gothic style is experiencing the peak of popularity - clothes, makeup and hairstyles do young people like the inhabitants of other worlds, allowing manifest their individuality. Makeup in Gothic style should be dark, gloomy and a little sinister.
 Thoroughly clean and moisturize the skin - apply heavy gothic makeup is necessary on the prepared foundation. The person should be pale, even painful, therefore, apply a light foundation, carefully spreading it on the surface, do not forget to handle the neck and ears. Tonal basis should be easy, since it is not theatrical makeup and exquisite and vivid style. A little highlight the skin, face powder transparent powder - pallor should be interesting. Carefully inspect the face - there should be no sharp transitions.

The main emphasis in the Gothic makeup should be placed on the eye. The eyelids are covered by a thick - use the most rich shades of burgundy, purple, brown or green. Black shadows - a classic Gothic style, so use it. Slightly Illuminate the inner corners of the eyes, revealing look. If you want to give your face a little languid expression, setting off the skin under the eyes of the lightest shade of the main selected palette. All color transitions should be made invisible, so blend border applicator or cotton swab.

The eyes should be summed up - liquid black eyeliner After a long and straight lines along the top edge of the eye and highlight the lower lashes. If you are using colored pencil, then choose the softest and bold - line should get a thick and wide, regardless of color.

Mascara is better to apply two or three coats to blend in with the heavy eyelids eyelashes. You can use artificial locks on the outer corners of the eyes to give the look of mystery and depth.

Lips draw a strictly along the contour - line must be clear and dedicated. Use a dark lipstick, choose the darkest shade of burgundy paint palette and apply a thin brush. Avoid bright scarlet and red shades, because they do not correspond to the chosen style - Gothic elements requires muted shades, so you can try to darken the tone and mix some paint.

Carefully powder the lids transparent powder to make stayed as long as possible. Walk gently puff on the face, fixing tonal basis.

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