How to make a business makeover

How to make a business makeover
 Business woman needs to learn not only to dress, but also to do flawless makeup. Business lady should be elegant and well-groomed, though this image is needed to maintain throughout the working day, even in cases where there is no opportunity to correct makeup.
 When performing the office makeup is very important to choose the right foundation. Foundation should have a warm shade as close to your natural skin color. This is especially important in cases where the lamp is used in an office cold light, which tend to distort the color of the skin, making it painful. Warm base tone will help you avoid this, and your face will look fresh throughout the day.

Apply a thin layer of face powder matting crumbly. Compact powder, you can take with you to slightly correct makeup during the day, but to put it in the performance of the business make up a dense layer on the face should not be, otherwise you will look unnatural and unattractive. Avoid sparkling powder: in the business make-up it would be totally inappropriate.

Pay attention to your eyebrows. They should be neat and elegant, but not too thin. Slightly emphasize eyebrows with a special pencil, but do not make them brighter. This is especially true for girls with not too dark hair color: red-haired, brown, blond ladies should pick an eyebrow pencil a few shades darker than their natural color.

Business makeup does not preclude the use of shadows, but to choose and apply them to properly. Avoid dark and bright colors, and try not to use shades of green and blue. More appropriate options - gray, pink, beige, light yellow shade. Apply them to the surface of the upper eyelid, darker tone emphasizing outer corners of the eye, but do not select the area shadows under the eyebrows. On the lower eyelid to impose them, you should not. If you want to hide bruises or bags under the eyes, better use a proofreader.

Causing shadows, use ink. Excludes any similar means of bright colors. The best option - resistant mascara without the effect of increasing the volume or length of eyelashes. Emphasize the eye pencil or liquid eyeliner should not be, otherwise your business makeup will look too provocatively. In a pinch, you can use bright eyeliner without sparkles and flicker.

As a last resort, apply lipstick. Avoid bright colors, so as not to seem vulgar. There will also be inappropriate Pearl or shiny lipstick, so the preference should be given a matte makeup restrained bright colors.

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