How to choose eye shadow

How to choose eye shadow
 Eyeshadow highlight color of eyes, make eye expressive and mysterious. However, to achieve this and not spoil the whole make-up, it is necessary to know how to pick them. You can experiment with each color, and you can use the classification select the shadows under the eye color, hair and skin.  
 How to choose a shade under the eye color?

Owners green eyes can cause brown, copper, dark purple, pink, beige, plum eyeshadow. Blue and blue color does not suit them.

For blue and gray eye shadows recommended pearl, light purple, pale pink, violet, blue and brown colors. Contraindicated green hues.

For hazel eyes brown suit (not too bright and not too dark) and blue-gray shade.

Girls with brown eyes you can use chocolate brown, olive, black, blue, purple, plum and beige shade. Orange and pink should be deleted.

How to choose a shade of the color of hair and skin?

Swarthy brunettes with dark eyes green suit, pearly shades and shadows under the eyes color. Brunettes with fair skin and blue eyes is recommended to choose blue and gray.

Blonde with blue eyes and fair skin can use light gray and blue shadows. If dark eyes and dark skin, you need to shade the color of eyes and green.

For fair-skinned brown-haired women are also acceptable light brown, dark green, and shadows under the eyes color. And the girls of this type of hair with dark eyes and dark skin - dark brown, black and dark gray shades.

Owners of red hair with blue eyes and light skin is better to take the green shade. Otherwise - the shade of the same color as the eye.

Gray eyeshadow - universal version, they are suitable for any color of eyes, skin and hair. Bright shades of shadows visually enlarge the eyes and make the eyes open, and dark colors - visually reduce and do look deeper.

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