How to apply powder

How to apply powder
 Application of powder - bar, without which makeup should not be considered complete. It can make skin dull or to give it a healthy glow, create a tan or lunar pallor. Effect which enables powder depends not only on its composition, but also the method of application. The same tool can form a thin veil or a dense coating, giving an opportunity to diversify the makeup.
 Powder can be applied to the foundation, base makeup or moisturizer. For daytime makeup Pick up means little lighter skin tone, or - as the face look fresh. Purchase a set of brushes and sponges - in fact the only packaging powder can be used to create different types of coatings.

For example, the pressed compact powder deposited a fluffy brush, gives the effect of light veil. The same remedy imposed latex sponge, creating a dense opaque coating. And if you moisten sponge with water, you can get a satin, radiant skin.

Loose powder is less universal. But it can instantly remove the shine of the skin and give it a well-groomed appearance. Causing great puff, is a means to lay down a thin layer without creating an unpleasant effect of the mask. Dial a little powder and soft movements distribute her face, moving from the center to the temples and chin.

Loose powder and can be applied with a brush. Dip it in a box, flip and tap the handle with your fingers, as if driving a powder in the stubble. Return the brush to its original position and smooth rounded movements powder the face. Do not forget about the jawline, temples and neck.

To make up looked more natural obmahnite excess powder flat brush by a fan. Wipe with a damp cloth remnants of powder to the eyebrows and the hair roots.

The wet method of applying a good alternative to foundation. Moisten latex sponge with water and squeeze it well. Dial a little powder and a circular motion, apply it on the face, as if rubbing the skin. Gently wipe the areas near the nose and lips. After application of the vote and the result obtained obmahnite skin with crumbly powder puff.

Very special product - a product with shimmering particles designed for the evening. This powder is not necessary to apply all over the face, so as not to be like a Christmas tree. Pour a little shiny powder on hand, spend it on a large brush or a sponge and powder the cheeks, forehead and temples. Be sure to apply the product to the skin of the neck and decollete. If your evening dress opens his arms and shoulders, and powder the - in the light of electric bulbs shining particles will sparkle beautifully, creating a festive mood.

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