How to apply powder

How to apply powder
 Powder - one of the most popular cosmetic products. It fixes makeup and refreshes it during the day, puts color accents on the face and delicately camouflages minor flaws. To lay down a thin layer of powder and kept as long as possible, choose a suitable for your skin texture and apply it correctly.
 Options powder set. Loose fixes makeup, pressed compact - corrects it during the day and some parts of the mattes. In addition, there is a means of illuminating with shiny particles, powders, giving the face tan, pearly glow, golden, pale lilac or peach tone. For those who prefer the effect of wet shine, addressed compact tool with a moisturizing effect, and lovers of organic cosmetics are mineral powder.

Selecting a suitable tool, pick up accessories for its application. This brush can be different sizes and shapes, large puffs, velvet or latex sponges. Buy only from reliable manufacturers accessories - then you can be sure that the pile of brush will not fall out, and sponge will not break after the first use.

Sponges and puffs, which are sold in the same package with the selected powder may not be very successful. If the tool falls spots, showered with skin or crumble in the box, try to apply it with a brush or a large puff Swan - it lies completely different.

Loose powder is applied with a large round brush. Gently dip it in a box. If the container is closed plastic grille, pour a little powder on your hand or napkin. After earning a powder brush, bristles turn it up and easy to tap the handle, as if driving a vehicle in the pile. Apply powder to face with soft circular motions. So that it is flat, pre-moisten the skin cream or apply a tone. Note that the light powdery veil does not mask the shortcomings of the skin - it will have to use a dense corrector.

Do not forget to powder eyelids, jaw line, upper neck. Gently whisk surplus broad brush in the shape of a fan. Damp sponge or cloth wipe the powder from the eyebrows and the hair on the temples.

Pressed compact powder can be applied by brush as well as velvet puff or sponge. Brush gives a light coating and latex sponge - more dense tone. If you moisten the sponge, you can achieve the effect of foundation. Gently wipe the face, starting from the center and working your way to the chin and temples. Thoroughly blend the powder so that it lay flat and invisible layer.

If you need to touch up makeup throughout the day, blot the face with a paper towel or special sheets, absorbing sebum and do not damage the makeup. Removing shine, powder the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Apply powder velvet puff or brush folding, which is convenient to carry in your case.

Stand out fine powder gives a person shine a light color or shade. They are applied with a soft flat brush all over the face or its separate parts - the cheekbones, temples, nose and chin. This powder is not suitable for matting. If you want to remove from the face shine, dab it with special wipes, apply the usual matting powder and brush top walk with a color or a brilliant tool.

Very unusual product - powder encased in a bulk powder puff. This means applied fanned soft movements. Lightly powder the cheeks, chin, neck and exposed parts of the hand. Skin will shine a light, delicate flavor and well-groomed, rested appearance.

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