Alternative make-up for the masquerade and carnival

Alternative make-up for the masquerade and carnival
 How not to become a New Year's Eve or Halloween parody of himself, but on the contrary, cause the admiration of others? After all, what often happens is that a person who wants to capture the imagination of all participants of the festival, looks so ridiculous that all the effort expended on them to create outlandish image, go unnoticed.
 Masquerade, carnival, fiesta - as soon as the Europeans called the feast of disobedience, originally aimed at ridiculing the existing social order! But with time and carnival fun and fancy drawings become something of a tradition. Masks became associated with the unnatural and cold, and the carnival has become synonymous with alien life's feast. How to revive the idea of ​​a cheerful celebration, and using makeup to create a wonderful spiritual image?

First, in any case it is not necessary in the process of creating an image just mindlessly copy it, using elements of style stars and centerfold. Truism - "everyone is different" - in this case, it may be pronounced as an opportune moment. And really, why and try out other people's masks, if not as a parody of the image of another person? Alternative makeup - not an alternative means 'I' the one who decided not hesitate to use almost all the advanced features of image formation offered by stylists, and from head to toe adorned himself sequins, rhinestones, and to top it all, applied during the application Makeup elements of body art.

Secondly, going to the carnival, do not limit yourself to the traditional set of images of masks: bunny, snowflake, pirate, vampire, princess, etc. But excessive shocking is inappropriate. Heavy makeup - and many methods of its application are implied by the alternative makeup - will truly be an ordeal for someone who wants to, for example, dressed in a suit Thumbelina, decorate your face in all colors of the rainbow. Without a doubt, at any carnival should be an element of protest, but the image has to be harmonious and at the same time, not trivial.

Third, each image must be some mystery that could be the basis for the legend of the holiday party or confirm already known to all history (if, for example, was chosen literary character or hero of the film). Let's say, using one side of the face or body body art, you can literally tell the story Ihtiandra or Darth Vader. A richly decorated with rhinestones eyelids or even precious stones, to become Princess Nesmejanov.

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