Top 5 moisturizing facial masks

Top 5 moisturizing facial masks
 Cosmetics can improve skin condition and a fresh new look. As leaders of moisturizing face masks came a few manufacturers. But this does not mean that other brands with something worse.
 Cream mask with an extract of bark katafraya and hyaluronic acid Anti-Soif from Clarins saturate your skin reviver. No wonder the manufacturer calls it "an oasis for dehydrated skin." Usage is simple. Spray on 10 minutes. At any time after wash.

Lightweight but very nourishing and hydrating mask Masque Desalterant, Thalgo rich marine components. A large component of which - algae extracts. Also in the hemp oil contains barley and milk. Apply the mask to cleansed skin of makeup, hold for 10 minutes, then remove any excess with a cloth. The effect will be noticeable immediately.

The top five hit and manufacturer Oriflame, has released not so long ago Time Relax Optimals. It consists of cedar oil, which has a wonderful aroma. Apply the product at bedtime to relieve stress and prepare for a meeting with the new day.

Not a bad mask from Avon with a beautiful name Planet Spa saturate your skin reviver. The main component - olive oil, which is famous for its remarkable properties. With regular use means your face will be ideal. Keep the mask takes about 20 minutes.

The Body Shop has released a mask Vitamin E, whose name appeared because of the composition. The main ingredient is vitamin E, which not only hydrates, but also detoxifies and smoothes wrinkles. The optimum time for applying funds - the morning.

On the world market there are other great mask, moisturizing the skin. For example, Moisture Surge (Clinique), Charcoal Mask (Murasaki Japan), Hydraphase (La Roche-Posay), Masque Anti-rides Nocturne (Sampar) and others. Choosing tools for skin care, guided by their own preferences and price range. Then purchase is not only useful but also enjoyable!

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