The great strength of the female gaze

The great strength of the female gaze
 Sensual, alluring feminine look sometimes better able than any words to say to the man, it's time to move on to more decisive action. That's eyes play a most important role in the process of seduction. To make your eyes expressive woman needs to learn not only the art of the "eyes of fire", but also the subtleties of applying makeup.
 Unfortunately, there is no one scheme applying makeup for the eyes, thanks to which could be made more attractive and expressive look of every woman. That's why the lady who wants to conquer the hearts of men the power of sight, you should choose an individual make-up, which will help hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the eye.

Nevertheless, there are some general rules that are important to remember. Expressive look, give shade darker tones, as well as ink, the ability to make eyelashes long and fluffy, and eyeliner. However cosmetics dark shade has another property: it visually reduces the eye. That is why the smoky makeup, which gives a feminine look special expressiveness, is not always appropriate. To select the best option, consider the shape and size of your eyes and learn to find a balance between light and dark tones. And do not forget the classic dark ink: long and fluffy eyelashes emphasize the charm of a woman and make her more seductive.

Choosing makeup that is perfect for your type of face and shape of the eye, begin to learn the intricacies of the art of seduction look. Man looking straight into his eyes, as if you pass it a special message, give him know exactly what you need. Representatives of the stronger sex is often very thin feel the power of the female gaze and understand exactly what emotions invested in it, so if you try, your silent "message" is likely to be decoded correctly.

Focus on the thought of the man you want to attract. Calm down, breathe evenly and do not worry. Mentally think about what you want to say to the man, and then look him in the eye, smile gently and smoothly, not too quickly look away. Your message may be invited to get acquainted, signal a willingness to flirt and so on. However, familiarity is not limited to: during a conversation with a man never misses an opportunity to take advantage of the power of sight, to win the heart of the elect.

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