How to prepare a facial scrub yourself

How to prepare a facial scrub yourself
 From time to time our skin needs exfoliation, as on the surface accumulates a lot of dead skin cells that you want to delete. This can be done in the home, there are a few simple recipes with ingredients available.

Perhaps the best foundation for a home is a natural scrub finely ground coffee. Better to use a thick, which remains after you drink coffee, as it will not stain the face.

Try to make the coffee scrub is suitable for normal to oily skin. Add a little water to the coffee and honey and apply, easy massaging the mixture on the face. Skin after such a procedure will look fresh and radiant.

To exfoliate dry skin, mix well with a liquid coffee with milk - so you can achieve simultaneous removal of dead skin cells and moisturize the skin and avoid irritation - for dry skin is often very sensitive. For this purpose perfectly blend coffee and olive oil - a beautiful silky skin on the face is guaranteed.

You can also try to make a salt scrub for the face. Very fine salt is necessary to mix with honey and mix gently massage the face. This is especially good scrub for oily skin. Sensitive skin or skin with red veins, this method is not suitable.

For oily skin, which requires frequent cleansing, there is the following recipe. Mix the salt, a little grape seed oil and a few strawberries. Apply scrub on your face. Strawberry has an antiseptic effect and can reduce the pores on the face.

Perfect for home small oatmeal scrub. You just need to soak them with water or yogurt and apply on face. The best cleanser is difficult to imagine.

A few more tips on skin cleansing at home:

Before using scrub well to make a steam bath. Bath to steam your face and prepare the skin for further purification. To overdo it with no need to scrub - just a couple of minutes to make a smooth circular motion on the basic massage lines on the face. Rinse with homemade scrub better with cool water - it will give the face an additional tone.

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