How to make a person more tanned

How to make a person more tanned
 Beautiful golden tan and always attracts attention. But not all girls have the opportunity to sunbathe. And even if they have the time, then make sure that tan lies flat on his face, very difficult. But do not worry, as you can with the help of cosmetics, in a short time to make yourself a nice tan, and so that it will be difficult to distinguish from the present.
 To make the Sun, it is best to resort to using bronzer. This special tool, often produced in the form of powder, but also occurs in the form of a gel and a cream. Unlike conventional tanning, the drug is applied as usual make-up, just for one day. When purchasing be sure to choose a bronzer two shades, one lighter and the second darker.

Before applying the tools necessary toned face. It is best for this purpose handles powder with light reflecting particles. This leads to the fact that the resulting tan will look natural.

Take a large but soft brush. And with it, apply the tool on the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose, in other words for body parts that light up the fastest. Smooth movements begin to shade bronzer over the entire surface of the skin. If desired, it can be applied to the ears and above the upper lip.

The mistake many women is that they do means once the entire face, leaving them a dark mask. If you notice that a little overdone, the surplus can be removed by conventional cotton fabric, as long as it was dry.

In addition to this method, you can use the usual tanning face. Prior to its application do not forget to exfoliate the skin with a mild scrub. This is necessary in order to remove dead skin particles and make the skin smooth texture. Next, apply a skin moisturizer. He should go to a thin and even layer. Especially pay attention to the driest areas of the face.

Apply a thin layer on the face and tan, not letting it soak, massage movements rub the whole surface of the skin. No need to try to rub it hard, just spread it evenly and leave it alone for a few minutes. During this time he will be absorbed, and you will be able to evaluate the result.

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