How to keep skin young

How to keep skin young
 The facial skin is most vulnerable, because it is always open. In winter it has to face the cold frosty air, in the summer it gets sunlight. Therefore, the facial skin to stay longer young, it must be protected from negative factors.

At any time, use a barrier cream. In the summer to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin, apply a cream containing sunscreen.

In winter, should be applied nourishing cream. Can be used instead cosmetic oil (peach, grape seed, almond), it also protects well and nourishes the skin.

Periodically make peeling skin, using this procedure removed the upper stratum corneum, the skin begins to date. As a result, fine wrinkles disappear, bumps, the skin becomes more elastic. Houses pilingovat person can sleeps coffee, oatmeal, fine sea salt.

To preserve youthful skin you need to stop smoking. From his face turns gray, it formed premature wrinkles.

To the facial skin was healthy and radiant, you need to get enough sleep, a chronic lack of sleep negatively affects its condition. Better go to bed two hours before midnight, at this time are the most intensive processes of skin regeneration.

Facial massage increases blood circulation of the skin and allows for a long time to save her young. It should be easy to do, without straining, index, middle and ring fingers. Face massage on massage lines, starting with gentle strokes, moving weak slap. On the forehead can be carried out more intensive tapping. Chin need to vigorously massage - all fingers.

Proper nutrition - one of the main factors in maintaining youthful skin. The food should be natural, contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Instead of coffee drink mineral water, green tea, and juices. It is important that the amount of fluid was not less than 1, 5 liters per day.

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