How to adjust the shape of the face

How to adjust the shape of the face
 According to statistical surveys, every third woman dreams about how to adjust your face shape - to remove or make invisible chin, nose visually reduce or enlarge the lips. Fortunately, today's medicine and cosmetology can offer a lot of methods, products and techniques for correcting face shapes.
 The simplest and perhaps the most effective method of correcting the shape of the face is considered plastic surgery. With the help of surgery can make the nose, like a famous singer, lips - like a favorite actress, and her eyes - like a TV presenter. There is such a procedure a lot, so let me adjust the face through plastic can not every woman. However, this method has a lot of contraindications. Moreover, after the operation time required to restore skin cells.

Another, no less effective, method of adjusting the shape of the face - is the use of drugs and the introduction of a hypodermic injection, which remove fat, smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin. As a result, round face is gradually becoming a square or triangular. But this method has contraindications, so they should be used only under the direct supervision of the attending physician. In addition, high-quality medicines and injections can not be cheap, therefore, the whole course of receiving these funds seriously ruin the average woman.

And the most inexpensive and instant way to adjust the shape of the face - this is the correct application of make-up and creating a suitable hairstyle. To hide the cheekbones on a square face, you should use concealer dark-skinned and dark shades, but the natural colors of lipstick and shadows. For such a person will approach lush hair without bangs. But the width of the round face hide vertically applying blush and concealer natural shades. Will face more elongated lush high hairstyles with bangs diagonally. When the rectangular shape of the face is ugly allocated line of the forehead and chin. Fix it help rouge inflicted on the cheekbones to the ears and horizontal shade shade of bright colors.

On a rectangular face will look perfect hairstyle with long luxuriant precisely trimmed bangs. When the triangular type is important to highlight the dark tone cream to soften the line of the forehead and narrow chin gentle natural shades of foundation. Women with such a person better to wear long hair without bangs clearly defined.

Thus, any person can be adjusted to suit the specific way women.

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