Fruit peels for face

Fruit peels for face
 Women want to look beautiful and impressive. The first thing you pay attention to people - is a skin condition. Unfavorable environment, improper care, poor nutrition - all these can cause deterioration of the skin. Peeling - a procedure that smoothes wrinkles, roughness. In addition, it cleanses the skin and makes it supple. The peeling can be carried out using different ingredients, such as fruit acids.
 Fruit peels appeared many years ago. In ancient Egypt, women, trying to highlight its beauty, made masks of grapes and lemon juice. Queen Cleopatra washed daily skin sour milk, and women in ancient Russia to purify used various berries and milk products.

Science does not stand still. Scientists have found that some fruit acids have a beneficial effect on the cells. For example, malic acid makes the skin supple and velvety, due to its use increases the flow of blood to the cells. Citric acid prevents aging of the skin, as it removes the pigment spots. Lactic acid maintains water balance of the skin, moisturizes and protects it from external irritants.

If you decide to make a fruit peels, can use the services of professional beauty clinics. Specialists not only find you a comprehensive program, but will also give tips on caring just for your skin type. If you are low on money, do the procedure at home.

First make a test on allergic reactions. To do this, take the solution that you want to use, but at lower concentrations. Apply a small area of ​​skin. Watch the reaction. If not - you can safely spend peeling. If an allergy (redness, itching, etc.) - categorically refuse treatment.

Clean your face. To do this, you can use the pharmacy daisy. Take 2 tablespoons of dried flowers and pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes. Add 20 ml of vodka. Strain. After that, the broth can be used for cleaning.

Apply to cleansed skin Peeling means. But above all it needs to do. You can use the following recipe. Take a bit of pineapple (about two rings 1 cm), thoroughly mash. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and a little oatmeal. Thoroughly mix the ingredients. Apply on the skin for 10 minutes, then remove the mask with a cotton pad. After the procedure, be sure to moisten the skin, for this you can use a special cream.

Also you can buy in a drugstore special funds for the procedure at home. The concentration of acid in them safe.

Note that fruit peels can be performed not for all people. For example, if you burned in the sun, he will contraindicated. Also not recommended to do it under any skin lesions.

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