Fruit gommazh Face

Fruit gommazh Face
 Gommazh is a tool that cleans the skin's top layer of dead skin cells. Unlike scrub which exfoliates the skin using particulate gommazha action based on the penetration of the skin of fruit acids, which are more gently cleanse it.

Gommazh excellent for sensitive, dry, thin, and aging skin. Especially useful to use gommazh women in adulthood. During this period, the skin's ability to restore and remove dead skin cells is reduced, and gommazh has in this case the cleaning action. Additionally, the tool provides the person micro accelerates cell renewal, skin removes contamination from the environment contributes to the improvement of blood flow.

Frequency of use of fruit gommazha depends on the condition of the skin. For dry and normal, as well as aging skin exfoliation is enough to apply once a week for oily or problem - in 2-3 days.

After using gommazha skin is refreshed, its ability to absorb moisturizing and toning sredsva improved. It is therefore useful, after the cleaning procedure, put a mask or cream. As a result, the skin gets elasticity, accelerates metabolism. In addition, the process of peeling rather pleasant procedure, which is part thanks gommazha aromatic oils.

The procedure for applying fruit gommazha quite simple. You must first uncover the pores of the skin, taking a bath or used face over the steam. After this exfoliation is necessary to put light massage on the face, avoiding the eye area and neck.

After a few minutes on the face film is formed, which can be easily rolled. It should be removed carefully to avoid stretching the skin. After that you need to rinse the face with cool water, then apply a nourishing agent. If the skin is damaged, the gommazh applied to such areas is not necessary. Remove the film in this case it is not handed, and with water.

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