Face Peeling: beware

Face Peeling: beware
 Peeling for face based on skin properties such as the ability to regenerate. In using the peeling skin is removed the top layer of dead skin cells, which prevents the penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. In this case, the effect of various creams and masks is reduced to almost zero. However, it is worth remembering that the peeling - this is a very invasive procedure. Therefore it is necessary to be very careful when using it.

In order not to cause harm to the skin during the peeling, it is best to seek help from a specialist. However, if for some reason this is not possible, some types of peels can be performed in the home. These include mechanical and chemical peels. Hardware peeling impossible without special tools.

Mechanical peeling can be achieved through a variety of scrubs and exfoliation. However, choosing the means, we must be extremely careful. Too large particles scrub can injure the skin. In gommazhi here should not be used by people with aging skin, under their influence, it can be stretched even more. In addition, remember that the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, so at the time of peeling of these places is better not to touch.

During the procedure in the salons of the skin be more aggressive. The surface layer is completely removed, so skin may be formed on the protective film and survive for several days. Thus, to restore you to take time. Do not plan on this time, no major events or trips, it is better to spend that time at home. It is worth remembering that this procedure can be very painful, so often during their use of local anesthesia.

Chemical peeling is performed using acids that eat away the top layer of skin. When they are used should be extremely cautious. Apply to face acid should be a very thin layer, or can burn the skin. In addition, people who are prone to allergies, you may have a strong reaction to a means for peeling. Therefore, before applying it is better to test on your arm. Once you feel a strong burning sensation, the acid must be quickly washed off.

There are plenty of contra-indications for chemical peels. It is strictly forbidden to hold it for acne, during hormonal surges in women.

Remember that any peeling - is stressful for the skin. Therefore, it is better to spend that time of year when the sun is low activity. Otherwise, you can immediately get burned skin.

If you are using a variety of means for peeling need to adhere to the periodicity and regularity. You can not use them every day, otherwise the skin may lose the ability to independently exfoliate dead skin cells.

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