Express facial treatment: a fresh look after the holiday

Express facial treatment: a fresh look after the holiday
 On holidays the body is under heavy loads. People eat a lot, drink alcohol and not enough sleep. Find a fresh new look after holiday feasts help special methods facials, the so-called express care.

The body that receives the holidays extra portion of sweet and fat, to cope with natural detoxifies very difficult. It is especially difficult to bring alcohol, which dehydrates the skin. The first thing to do after the holiday - a contrast shower. Put a face under the stream of water, it will help to improve blood circulation and normalize metabolism. Lack of moisture can be replenished by a cup of green tea. His help will be invaluable in the fight against edema and toxins accumulated in the skin. After the holidays, it is recommended to drink a lot, prefer mineral water without gas and herbal teas.

If the result is not just makeup remover face flushed, it is necessary to wash, take a couple of ice cubes and massage their face. This will help narrow pores. Emulsions and creams with anti-inflammatory effect - an effective weapon against inflammations on the skin. Apply the product on the skin and soak for about 10 minutes, the muscles relax, and the cream is absorbed quickly. After this procedure, the skin will get the previous form. At the same time a good idea to feed the skin with vitamin C, eat oranges, potatoes and cabbage. Drink an infusion of wild rose and hawthorn.

Next, you need to do contrast baths. Take two small towels, wet one of them in cold water, and the other - in hot. Alternately apply them to the face. The result of this procedure will be increased vascular tone, improve skin color and get rid of edema. The final step will be powered by a skin cream with wheat proteins and oils of sunflower seeds that will soothe the skin, and the skin around the lips tighten and soften.

The blue and bags under the eyes good clean warm sleeping bags tea, put on a few minutes on the eyes. If chapped lips, brush them with honey, it will make them softer.

A good way to rehabilitate a massage. Work through the person on the massage lines. "Wake up" the skin strokes. Then, slowly walking along the massage lines, Drum fingers over the skin. Then do pinching, stroking and again. Ages pay special attention, it is useful to make a light massage using a decongestant.

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