Dry skin of the face: how to retain moisture

Dry skin of the face: how to retain moisture
 Dry skin is not as common as oily or mixed, but the problem gives no less. In his youth, dry skin looks great: smooth complexion, peach cheeks, constricted pores, in short, no problems inherent oily or mixed skin. But with age in the absence of dry skin care becomes a source of serious problems. Therefore it is better not to let events take their course and immediately provide competent care.

Especially dry skin suffers greatly during the cold season, so in the winter go to the denser structure of cosmetics. If you enjoyed the summer gel, replace it with a cream, balm replace. The number of active ingredients in them the same but thicker creams create a film that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.

Moisturize the skin enough - we need? to your cream could keep moisture inside. Powerful moisturizing ingredients - hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin - can retain moisture, many times their own weight. Try to use a nourishing cream with glycerin Oleo Source Biotherm production or cream with sodium hyaluronate Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer by Clinique.

Modern means not only moisturize the skin for a long time, they are forced to work their own humidification system. Funds from lipolievoy acid biozinom, plant lipids, mineral oils, extracts of honey or silicone improve moisture-barrier of the skin.

Dry skin needs not only to moisture, it needs nourishment. Using creams with a light texture is much more convenient: they are quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy. But creams that do not contain a sufficient amount of fat, more issushivayut your skin because evaporate too quickly, taking with them the remains of precious moisture. Try to keep your cream contains jojoba oil, coconut, almonds.

Do not forget to exfoliate the skin. The layer of dead cells on the skin surface does not affect the degree of hydration directly. But the active ingredients penetrate the skin creams are much faster and deeper when she is released from the stratum corneum. Choose soft money, not injuring the epidermis. Spend Peeling once a week, before you apply Nourishing Night Cream or nourishing mask. Do not clean your face in the morning, before going out.

Scientifically proven that smoking leads to premature aging of the skin. Nicotine violates the local blood circulation and promotes excessive development of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. All it dehydrates the skin.

Be sure to look after dry skin at night. That night jya becomes more susceptible to the action of creams. In addition, you will be able to impose on the person a thick layer of cream, without fear that you will stain your clothes or skin will be too shiny. Use creams with vitamins and herbal extracts.

You have heard hundreds of times advice to drink more water. Do not neglect them. Let two liters of fluid per day will be for you a way of life. If you are active in sports, the fluid intake should be increased twice. Reduce your consumption of coffee and strong black tea, they improve the overall dehydration of the body.

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