Brief rules of skin care at different ages

Brief rules of skin care at different ages
 The woman's face - like a delicate flower that needs constant proper care. Each age tries to impose its imprint on vulnerable skin, but caring female hands and a desire to look attractive can work wonders.

It is easy to be gentle and beautiful in 20 years, when the very nature fills the skin glow from within, but in 30 or 40 years to be beautiful - means constantly take care of herself. And the sooner you start to do it, the younger and more attractive to look your pretty face.

Facial treatment involves cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. Cosmetic procedures that go hand in hand with these simple rules of beauty should be for each age their own, as each period of life of the skin makes its own rules and has its own needs.

From 20 to 25 years is quite radiant skin and does not require any special procedures to eliminate fatigue or deep wrinkles. At this age, it is necessary to begin to use cosmetics for the skin around the eyes to prevent deep wrinkles appear in this area of ​​the face. As a rule, used the day and sometimes night cream.

From 25 to 30 years seen the first signs of "tired skin." First wrinkles appear, which is not too noticeable. Around the eyes appear so-called "crow's feet" - a lot of fine lines, which lead to discouragement beautiful lady.

During this period, it is important to pay close attention to cleansing, nutrition and hydration of the skin. Carefully selected face cream is applied soft massage movements on well cleansed skin to enhance the effect of its impact. It is important to avoid bad habits, as each cigarette makes your skin look much older.

In 30 - 35 years old woman is faced with an acceleration of the aging process of the skin. Keep it moisturizes, nourishes and clean. It is important to determine what type of your skin:

The first type - melkomorschinistaya skin. Its winner is usually thin and has many wrinkles. This type of skin can be advised to use oxygen to consume drugs and cosmetics with vitamin C and amino acids.

You can refer to the competent specialist, beautician, for lifting surface and destination of individual procedures that make sense for your skin. Do not forget to massage the face, strictly following the massage lines and taking care not to stretch the skin.

The second type - the deformation. Usually this owner's full face, with little wrinkles that are pronounced and deep enough. Such women have problems with sagging cheeks and puffy face.

To combat puffiness product containing ginkgo biloba and chestnut extract. You can also, as the first type, refer to the beautician for professional troubleshooting by using lymphatic drainage and non-surgical skin lifting.

In 35 - 40 years must begin using active drugs against skin aging, since this process is greatly accelerated and aktivizirovalsya.Krome nutrition, hydration and cleansing, you can use a special anti-wrinkle cosmetics or use injection methods of rejuvenation. While some ladies prefer classes on lifting exercises, which, according to its creators, reduces wrinkles by training the facial muscles. In any case, it is too early to resort to serious plastic surgery.

40-45 years - is "age of revelation." It was during this period, the skin is completely tells what kind of life led hostess. If the skin was complete care, she and without plastic surgery looks quite young. Apart from the standard skin care, recommended deep exfoliation and deep non-operating facelift.

After 45 years of the aging process of the skin becomes more prominent. The skin becomes drier, new wrinkles. Care it is approximately the same as in the 40 -45 years, but with a more intensive use of drugs from wrinkles and regenerating means. In some cases, you can use the correction of facial and plastic.

Unfortunately, the aging process can not be stopped. But at the same time each woman afford to age beautifully.

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