5 ways to get rid of traces of acne

 Footprints in the skin of the face, which remain after the acne can be a real problem. If the discomfort and pain caused by acne in adolescence may be phenomena, healing and time, the scars from acne in most cases remain and become rather unpleasant reminder of the past.

1. Do not squeeze pimples.
This will only worsen your problem. Squeezing blackheads leads to the penetration of infection into the deeper layers of the skin, causing inflammation and irreversible tissue damage.

In addition, extrusion can lead to the spread of infection to other previously unaffected areas of the skin, and only increase the number of lesions. To avoid the risk of acne scars, you need to be patient and wait for the natural of their disappearance.

2. Prevent inflammation.
Inflamed lesions that are left after acne, are the main cause of scars - they show that the skin is going through a stressful situation, and already damaged tissue.

The main sign of inflammation is a dark red skin, hot to the touch. Any contact with the inflamed areas cause painful discomfort. It should be remembered that acne - is an inflammatory process that needs to be properly treated immediately. First of all, the period of treatment is necessary to abandon the use of any harsh scrubs and other cosmetic products that may aggravate the situation with scars.

3. Try as soon as possible to cure acne.
The best way to prevent the appearance of acne scars is the timely treatment of the disease. You can refer to highly skilled beautician. He will give you all the necessary recommendations for the treatment of acne and tell what means to use.

4. Prevent vulnerability.
The risk of scarring from acne, depending on the type of skin can be different. If your skin requires a lot of time to recover from small injuries, insect bites or scratches, tell us about this dermatologist. There are special medications, which can effectively reduce the risk of scars after acne skin even in those cases where the skin vulnerable to any damage.

5. Consult your physician.
Acne is a serious disease, which may be accompanied not only acne, but also painful sensations, and even heat. Acne, nodules, pain indicates a serious tissue damage of the skin, which can lead to irreparable destruction and the appearance of visible scars. In such cases it is necessary to seek medical help. Special medications prescribed for the treatment of acne, will help you get rid of the disease and to prevent the risk of scarring.

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