Sunflower: the flower, and treat

Sunflower: the flower, and treat
 The botanical name of a sunflower - geliantus (from the Latin words hellios - sun and anthos - flower). This plant is not accidentally named this way, the flower is similar to the sun, and in addition, it turns behind luminary throughout the day.

It seems that a sunflower - a plant, without which it is impossible to imagine a rural landscape, but did you know that it is home to North America. In Europe sunflower was delivered as soon as in the sixteenth century and grown as an ornamental plant in flower beds.

In Russia the sunflower was only at the end of the XVIII century, and only a few decades later was discovered wonderful mystery that keeps the flower of this: from its seeds can be obtained fragrant oil. Discovery by the ordinary man, who lived in the village of Alekseyevka, which then was built the first Russian oil mill. Since then began to consider sunflower vegetable plants, but about its decorative qualities quickly forgotten.

Nowadays, many flower beds were sunflowers that only vaguely resembled familiar to each and every plant. Decorative sunflowers have the different shapes and a variety of shades. There are plants whose height is only half a meter, such as grade Bear (Teddy Bear), whose flowers resemble dahlia flowers. And some plants reach a height of five meters.

Striking deep red inflorescence varieties of red sun can become a real decoration flower garden. The flowers of this variety reach a diameter up to 20 inches, and its height - more than one and a half meters, so geliantus can use to create a hedge or wall decorate ugly outbuildings or garages.

Varieties Cherry Rose, Double Dandy, Black Magic can boast unusual sunflower painting from light brown to red, they have a fairly large inflorescences that look great in bouquets and, therefore, will help not only to decorate the garden, but the house.

In order to grow such plants sow seeds directly in the open ground in May, but in the northern areas is better to grow a flower through seedlings. Sow the seeds in individual pots in March, and in June, when the threat has passed repeated frosts landed seedlings by handling in the flower bed. Note that the space for it requires a sunny and sheltered from the wind.

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