Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine
 Mediterranean cuisine to date - this is one of the most healthy and balanced cuisine in the world. The traditional Mediterranean diet includes fish, meat and seafood combined with rice, vegetables or flour products. Through the use of garlic, olives, herbs and spices achieved exceptional taste of dishes. It is often used in their preparation of cheese, eggs, dairy products and fruit. This abundant food in different areas of the Mediterranean has its own characteristics.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet declared heritage of humanity. The basis of the Mediterranean diet - fish, shrimp, pasta and a variety of vegetables and fruits, that is, all fresh and tasty. Scientists have shown that it is this diet may reduce the risk of various diseases including cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease. Fans of the Mediterranean diet are many: it is well-known politicians and Hollywood stars and famous people in show business.

For the sake of those who are now called celebrity, in the sixties, American nutritionists, diet systematized Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, and introduced the concept of "Mediterranean diet". However, it does not include products which have been strictly prohibited: in moderate quantities and can sweets and cakes. It is the national cuisine Italian owe their figures and Hollywood stars pay a lot of money nutritionists to achieve a similar effect.

However, when adopting the European Mediterraneans food containing a lot of milk and meat, the risk of possible diseases increases. For example, the Cypriots who have passed on the meat instead of fish, began to put on weight, and a quarter of the island's population is obese.

In almost all Mediterranean dishes need to add olive oil, which activates the liver and stimulates digestion. This is only an oil which does not form carcinogenic substances by heat treatment. Also, it prevents aging of the organism - nutritionists recommend use it for medicinal purposes.

Necessary for the functioning of the body fresh vegetables and brown rice is rich in minerals and vitamins. They are low in fat and cholesterol is practically absent. Also important is the method of cooking. Mediterranean cuisine often involves baking or frying on the grill.

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