Lessons crop: dracaena

Lessons crop: dracaena
 Dracaena - genus of evergreen plants, which includes more than 150 species of trees and shrubs. There are both types of garden and pot plants intended for cultivation in the home.

The optimum temperature for growth dracaena summer - 20-23 ° C, rarely allowed upper limit 28 ° C. In winter the optimum temperature 16-18 ° C, but can withstand dracaena and 12 ° C.

Dracaena likes bright light. But do not leave it in direct sunlight. The darker the leaves, the greater shade tolerance and the less bright light is needed.

Earth in the pot should be kept moisturized. Water the plant abundantly in the summer, but do not let excess moisture. In winter, the soil should be slightly moist.

The air also must be wet. It is useful to spray the leaves with water once or twice a week. Do not leave dratsenu winter near hot batteries.

Ground for dracaena should be slightly acidic. Make it from peat, garden soil and sand in the ratio 1: 1: 3.

Feed the plants once a week in summer and once a month - in the winter. Use complex fertilizer.

With the proliferation of the root system repot the plant in 2-3 years.

Reproduction occurs by grafting. Cut the trunk raised high, is divided into several parts with the top (on each side should be at least one kidney). Put in a pot, fill with a mixture of peat and sand. Rooting takes place at a temperature of 22-24 ° C.

At home, dracaena, as a rule, does not bloom. In the garden environment flowers have a strong odor.

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