Lessons crop: dieffenbachia

Lessons crop: dieffenbachia
 Dieffenbachia - a perennial plant of the family Araceae. The genus contains, according to various estimates, 30-40 species of herbaceous plants. In the wild, grows in the tropics of Central and South America. The plant can be grown in a pot or in the street, in the garden. In the second case dieffenbachia grows almost to the size of the bush.

Dieffenbachia requires a bright diffused light, mostly sunny. In some cases, it feels well in partial shade and in artificial light.

The ideal temperature for growth - 15-18 ° C in winter and 20-22 ° C in summer. Watering plants in winter rarely need in the summer profusely that the soil is always moist.

Provide high humidity. Regularly spray the leaves, sometimes wash. Feed the plants every ten days during the warmer months. The concentration of fertilizer - 50%.

Transplanting is required in the spring or early summer, depending on the proliferation of the root system.

Propagated by cuttings dieffenbachia. Divide the stalk grew into several parts with buds on each rooted each in a separate pot.

Dieffenbachia grow rapidly, adding over a sheet every week. Five-year plants may reach 2 m and a height depends on their grade. Flowering is rare, only under ideal conditions, usually in mid to late spring.

Dieffenbach fleshy leaves, elongated, tapered at the ends, with a monochrome or speckles, depending on the species.

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