7 recipes good mood

 Bad mood can appear at any moment, especially when it comes to women's unpredictable nature. Not to succumb to his influence, learn to be distracted by the positive moments and just enjoy life.
 Look for new experiences. This applies to travel, meet interesting people, memories, etc. Be sure to put a goal at least once a year to be in the place that you have never seen. The mere anticipation of travel make you smile.

Dance. Do not miss the opportunity to just get pleasure from the grace of his own body. Stir shoulders, hips, connect to the movements of the hand and do not forget to smile. Turn on your favorite music or humming themselves. Dance will give a boost of energy and give the opportunity to feel happy here and now.

Tidy planet. Or at least to start with your property. Cleaning - a great tool that is able to get rid of a bad mood. After a while you carefully put in order the surroundings, you unconsciously structure your mind and your own thoughts.

Make a list of movies or books that you would like to meet in the coming year. Firstly, so you will not forget about them in the daily chores, and secondly, what will distract themselves from gloomy thoughts and depression.

Pay attention to your appearance. When you look great, uncertainty disappears, and with it evaporate and unnecessary anxiety. Buy bright new clothes, visit the beauty salon. Does not that nice to know that this is a great reflection in the mirror windows with a charming smile - are you?

Work productively or make at least an attempt to even one step closer to the goal of your life. How? You have no purpose? Then it's time to come up and start to translate into reality.

Give a hug. Say, to feel love and inner harmony, you must embrace at least seven times a day. Try to test this theory in action. Hug your dear people, those whom you have not met, young children, the elderly, and often share affection with pets.

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