What is holotropic breathing

What is holotropic breathing
 Modern life is full of bustle and anxiety to achieve success in it should work hard and constantly be in shape. Daily race for success can lead to a nervous breakdown or illness. Help yourself to a person can by means of psychological techniques, one of the most effective is the technique of holotropic breathing.
 Holotropic breathing - it is good practice to be applied in modern psychology. It was developed in the 70 years of the twentieth century spouses Stanislav and Christina Grof.

The method uses the technique of holotropic breathing, which causes a change in the state of consciousness. The basic elements of art are heavy breathing, motivating music and spontaneous immersion.

With the help of holotropic breathing can survive and discover the deep trauma, conflict, and life situations, as this is familiar with the subconscious. This technique is effective when dealing with neurotic conditions, habits, addictions, psychosomatic disorders, it is used to psychoprophylactic work. Also, it is well suited for the development of creative abilities, for personal human growth.

Holotropic breathing ability to activate the natural power of the soul and the body to heal itself, promotes creative insight, develops confidence in man, helps to achieve the desired goals.

Sessions are held in groups under the guidance of an instructor, session duration can range from three to seven hours. Participants in advance theoretically prepared for the first experience holotropic breathing.

Experience, experienced during a session of holotropic breathing, S.Grof divided into three types:
- Biographical;
- Perinatal (natal, birth, postpartum);
- Transpersonal.

Transpersonal experiences reflect not only biographical reasons for the patient's problems, but also the transcendental relationship between man and the outside world. Such deep experiences help to reveal the inner potential of the person, help to achieve personal freedom and harmony.

The practice of holotropic breathing can not be used for people suffering from heart failure, angina, bronchial and cardiac asthma, hypertension, infectious diseases in the acute stage.

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