Under what sauce?

Under what sauce?
 Their mistakes architect covers the facade, the doctor - the land, and the cook - sauce, as the famous saying goes. According to another, with a good sauce can even eat their own outsole. There are very few - to choose a good sauce.

The composition of each liquid sauce base includes a further portion comprising a different seasonings, spices and foods. Sauce, which is prepared on a liquid basis and the additional portion which has a minimal number of products, called the core. If the sauce is prepared on the basis of basic with various additional substances, it is called a derivative.

Soy sauce.

Basis for soy sauce is a mixture of boiled soy beans and flour, which is made from roasted barley or wheat grains. For this soy sauce characterized by containing not more than 8% of the protein, the absence of impurities (e.g., peanut sauce), light brown or brown glass bottle.

Tartar (or tartar sauce).

Contrary to the Tatar name, tartare was invented in France. According to the French, the main ingredient is the sauce pickles, and this - the Tatar national dish. Packing the right sauce should contain among components: mayonnaise, pepper, mustard and onions.


Ketchup in many countries called tomato puree with added fruit mixes, pickled vegetables, spices and herbs. That is why the favorite in our country ketchup would be appropriate to call the tomato paste. High-quality ketchup is made only from tomato paste with salt, sugar and red pepper; has a red or dark red color. When a light shade of red can be seen that the tomato paste in the production of dyes replaced.


To truly test the thrill of horseradish, choose one that has a part of the minimum amount of vinegar (to neutralize the severity of horseradish). For high-quality table horseradish characteristic white color with a cream shade, uniform this mass and not more than 3, 5% salt.

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