Time Management: become ruler of the time

Time Management: become ruler of the time
 For many familiar with the situation when you need to do a lot of things, but nothing turns out to be on time. Probably not a modern woman dreamed of becoming mistress of time. But how can it be, if in the day of 24 hours, a third of which should sleep, and important things are not getting smaller?

If you set yourself unrealistic challenges, no clear plans recorded in the diary will not help you. Yes, it looks nice when everything is painted in an orderly manner, but, unfortunately, it is only on paper. When composing the daily affairs in the diary, do it thoughtfully, worrying about the reality of the scheduled. Well, when your plan for the day is quite realistic, try to act according to it.

Place your order at the workplace. On the desktop, which is located on the monitor screen and the desktop on which this monitor is the most should be perfect order. All you need when working things should be displayed prominently in the correct folder on the right shelves. Thus, you can save considerable amount of time that you spend in search of a document.

Learn to set priorities. It seems that all things are important to you and it is difficult to choose what to do in the beginning and at the end of the working day. But it's not true and you know it perfectly. It is necessary to deal with their daily activities on a regular basis. To sort and mark what should be done today, and certainly as soon as possible, but that can wait for a while until you prefer this purpose.

It is useful to learn a variety of useful skills. For example, the speed reading or typing blindly accelerate your performance, so you spend less time on these lessons and before will be free for other work or leisure.

However, it should be understood that the mastery of these skills also requires time-consuming, so you decide whether to increase the performance of your labor spent time, effort and money.

Do not be afraid to make adjustments to your daily routine. Yes, stick to the plan - it's good, but if you happen some event that would be very useful or pleasant for you, but your plan was not, do not be so pedantic. Allow your time depend on you, not vice versa.

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