The resort is on six acres

The resort is on six acres
 For decades, many Russians vacation at the cottage was the only opportunity to change the situation and get out of town. Even now, not everyone can afford a trip to the sea or foreign resorts. Many do not believe rest in the garden waste of time. Still, it is only in the country, you can combine business with pleasure: and stretch my body, having worked in the beds, and the crop to receive and enjoy the peace and tranquility.  

Moreover, the Russians had the good fortune to have something denied, such as Japanese or English, - a plot of land outside the city. In Japan, the land is very expensive, and holiday villas have only millionaires. In the Far East enterprising Russians even arrange special tourist cottages trip for the Japanese. They are left for three days alone in suburban areas, where they are happy to deal with the beds, relax and enjoy the unusual silence their ears.

And the British for years waiting to get at least a tiny plot of land outside the city, where they could arrange some sort of garden. The lucky suit whole gardens on rooftops in cities, with relish doing garden work after work.

The holiday season in Russia opens on May holidays, when compatriots massively go out of town. Many beds with vegetables were replaced by flower beds and areas planted with grass garden, which is so nice to lie down and adults and a child.

Cottage for children - a paradise. By and large they have little interest in a trip to the sea, excursions and holiday entertainment. Freer just to play on a normal summer cottage - because there can climb trees, water flowers, catching beetles and butterflies and generally can be absolutely free. And if you put at their summer cottage swing or have a pool - no gingerbread baby back to the city will not entice!

In recent years it has become fashionable to eat organic produce grown on special environmentally friendly land without the use of chemical fertilizers. Than your six hundred different from those farms? Self-grown strawberries will be the most beautiful tastiest berries imported from afar. Among truckers even arranged competitions over who will grow the biggest pumpkin or squash.

To take a break from work and a change of scenery, not necessarily to go to distant lands. This paradise can be found at his summer cottage, near the town. Weekends spent away from the hustle, refresh the mind and body cheer cheer up.

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