Musical recipes

Musical recipes
 Music therapy - the science of the influence of music on biorhythms and human health. Many of its laws were discovered long before the formation of science. Modern Aesculapius prescribed music from music to each patient individually, but there are general rules, which you can find music to create a special mood, calm or relieve pain.

The timbre of each instrument affects the body and the human psyche. Thus, the voice of stringed instruments contribute to the healing of emotional wounds, opening the way of self-knowledge, instruct on compassion and sacrifice. Organ sounds clean energy channel of the spine. Piano is responsible for the thyroid gland, drums - for the cardiovascular system, flute - for the lungs. Music for Saxophone awakens sexual energy. Flute (from the Italian - "small") normalizes blood circulation.

The style of music also affects the human condition. Academic (classical) music harmonizes and calms, jazz-ons. Rock and Roll vozdeyst on the genitourinary system, activating the production of sex gormnov. Some pop genres attributed to destructive effect. Sacred music soothes, concentrates, normalize the heartbeat, clears the mind

Music therapists favorite composer - Mozart. Easy, optimistic, cheerful music of the Viennese classics is, for the most part, from the harmonious intervals and soft combinations. Therefore, for example, his "Don Juan" is considered an excellent remedy for headache. Brahms prescribed against paralysis and joint diseases, mental disorders and nervous system.

In addition to these characteristics, the music varies from frets, tempo, time signature. In each case, the music to cure or mood selected individually. An important role in the choice of playing the taste and personal preferences of the listener.

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