How to prepare your home for the holiday

How to prepare your home for the holiday
 In anticipation of the holiday have to think not only about what to treat and how to entertain guests, but also the creation of appropriate atmosphere at home. It would seem that this is no big deal. But even here there are some nuances. Need to know how to do it and where to start.
 Before you begin to decorate the room, do spring cleaning: wash windows, wash curtains, carpets clean, vacuum and clean the room in the bathroom and toilet. For this purpose, you can invite Cleaning service, or do all the work yourself. The first option will save you time and effort, and the second - the money.

If the house is planned birthday party, go to the festive decor. Use standard objects for decoration - flowers, balloons and garlands. Upholstered furniture decorate themed capes, put on the table a festive tablecloth and napkins. On the table for buffet put ice or glass sculpture. It will look very elegant. Curtains decorate flowers and textile compositions.

For children's holiday would be appropriate soft toys, paper applications on different walls and windows, banners with congratulatory messages, suspension and garlands.

Ideas for decorating the house for the New Year mass. Set the tree and hang her toys. Make their own hands or buy plain balls and razrisuy their acrylic paints the whole family. Buy candles. They give the room more comfort and warmth. You can choose flavored, but the main thing - do not overdo it with the smell.

Christmas - a family holiday magic. Therefore, the decorations should surprise and charged with positive energy. In addition to traditional Christmas accessories (wreath on the door, tree, etc.), there are many different forms of light decorations and appointments. For example, light shapes. Arrange them on the perimeter of the yard and wait for the evening. When it gets dark, turn on the figures and invite all the guests on the street. Delight from seen spectacle guaranteed.

Eighth of March is associated primarily with spring flowers. So do his beloved woman or mom pleasant surprise - decorate the house alive tulips, snowdrops and carnations.

Before Easter complement the interior of the house Palm branches, thematic panels and bouquets of spring flowers. On the table, place a basket with colored eggs and Easter.

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