Design a garden plot

Design a garden plot
 Gardeners dream to make smallholding original and, of course, beautiful. A few years ago, it could cause resentment, but now it does not cause a storm of negative emotions of people. Garden - this is the place where you can realize your dreams, to express their inner world, to create an atmosphere of comfort, beauty and harmony.
 Where should you start? Think about how you want your garden. Planning - is an important part in the design, without it you simply do not create the desired image. There are several styles that differ greatly among themselves. Designers identify core - a classic, English style, french, rural gardens, minimalism, exotic, Japanese style, eastern and fantasy.

Before you choose a particular style, think that for you is essential. For example, you are a romantic at heart, in which case you will be uncomfortable in the garden of "exotic", but the "baroque" - your element. You can also consult with family members to find out what they want to see in the garden.

Also, you should think about what you do, being in a given area. Maybe you love to collect guests, and you can a born gardener.

Take a piece of paper and write down everything that you want to see the completion of: alpine garden, pond, gazebo, sitting area, etc. Ask all family members to find out their wishes. If you have small children, it is advisable to make the area for games.

With style and wishes undecided. Now start collecting information on the decor and accessories. You can view other areas, for example, their friends and acquaintances.

In that case, if you want to develop a garden in the style of "classic", it should be understood that all elements must be geometric, ie beds, lawn should be smooth and have a direct line. If you want to make a pond, it should be oval or rectangular shape. You can also make an oval-shaped arch. Remember that this style is characterized by soft pastel colors.

Country-style garden to remind the countryside. Unlike classic here is dominated by bright and colorful tones. Also for this style is characterized by a variety of accessories, and their abundance will only strengthen the view. Spread around the perimeter of the old things, such as buckets, watering cans, nothing. You can decorate an old wooden cart, using the usual flowers. To do this, arrange a flower garden there. Make a wooden bench, visually it will grow old. You can also make a path of wooden planks. To enhance the style purchase figures of animals - geese, rooster, goats. If you have creative abilities, make them yourself out of any material, such as gypsum.

Once you have decided on the style and decor on a piece of paper raschertite site plan. That is, decide what and where will be. Consider not only the size of the area, but also the illumination of certain areas; and emphasis should be placed on the location of the object. For example, the pond is better to do away from home. If you have planned a swimming pool, it is better if it will be lit area.

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