Cabbage soup with bacon

Cabbage soup with bacon
 Cabbage - product, which is used in almost all dishes. It is added to salads and appetizers, main dishes. But the real queen she gets in a variety of soups. Moreover, the product meets all - women are appreciated her diet quality, and men prefer cabbage soup with bacon.  

For this dish you will need a lot of water - up to five cups, and about half a kilogram of cabbage. Better to take two classes - Savoy cabbage and a 4: 1 ratio. In addition to bacon (200 g) of meat products, you will need the flesh of beef in the same amount (for a nourishing soup, you can select a piece fatter). In the cabbage soup with bacon add potatoes, carrots (2 pieces) bulb. You still need oil, pepper and salt.

The cooking process does not require a lot of effort, but will take a fair amount of time, so start costs in advance. About two hours you will take cooking meat: Pour boiling water over the beef brisket and so that the water covered them, and salt. Periodically come to the pan to remove the resulting foam.

After two hours, remove the meat and set aside. By this time, prepare the potatoes: clean it and cut into small slices. Bring leftover from cooking meat broth to a boil, and put the potatoes. Boil it seven minutes: for this time you will have time to chop the cabbage. Add it to the pan, and seven minutes later put the prepared fried.

Grilled you can do while still being cooked meat. Preheat a frying pan a little vegetable oil, and send it to the pan with chopped onions. Take care that it does not burn while doing cleaning carrots. Cut it into strips or rub on a grater, and leave the roast with onion. In five minutes you can turn off the fire.

Once you've added to the pan fried, let the soup simmer for another five minutes. Cover and let it brew for a bit. Cooked meat should be added in the plate directly feeding. It can add pepper or other spices.

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