Bloody wren or burning Margarita

Bloody wren or burning Margarita
 A cocktail legends, classic cocktails, which will be served in any bar, even in a remote provincial town. One of them - a cocktail "Margarita", which included tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice or lemon. Using this, which became a classic combination, you can cook a new cocktail - "blood-red bead."

To make this cocktail used red orange juice, which the Americans call the bloody and Russian - wren. Depending on the degree of pigmentation of their light is separated into red blood red, and dark red. In size they are smaller, the taste - more acidic and have a strong spicy bitterness. This bitterness in cocktails, mixed with strong drink, perfectly softens their tang. Juice of blood-red of beads sold in the store, but it is better to use for cooking fresh cocktails.

Besides juice cocktail "Bloody wren" added another liquor, known as triple-sec (from the English. Triple Sec - «triple dry"). This is the kind of transparent orange liqueur, which have a sweet, but not cloying taste. It was first invented by the French winemaker combo in 1834. Produce it from the peels of oranges grown in Haiti and infused with alcohol. Distillation takes place on an old technology in copper pot stills. Age some such capacities greater than 100 years. This name has become a household name and is applied to the other orange liqueur Curaçao, Cointreau, Grand Marnier.

Squeeze the juice from the blood of beads, one serving, you will need 100 grams. In a pinch, you can squeeze the juice of pink grapefruit, according to your taste and spicy bitterness he reminds wren. You will also need tequila. You can take any, even very expensive, because the magic juice still soften its taste. Per serving is added 40 grams of the drink and 30 grams of triple sec liqueur. You can take a "Cointreau".

To keep the flavor and aroma of the Caribbean, is used to sweeten the drink, 1 tablespoon agave nectar, in extreme cases - syrup made from sugar cane.

Drain all the ingredients in a shaker, put him 3-4 ice cubes and whisk well. Post this cocktail can be a whiskey glasses and decorate - a slice of blood-red bead or lime.

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