Bath bombs with their own hands

Bath bombs with their own hands
 The best part after a long hard day of work take a warm bath with some cosmetics. This foam and salts and lotions, and oils. And in recent years, increasingly began to be used for the bath bombs. The more so that they can be easily made at home.

It's no secret that the cost of bombs bathroom in the store is not low. And much more profitable to create her own hands at home. Especially because it does not need any supernatural means.

To prepare the bombs in the home need tools. This mixing tins, plastic film for wrapping and molds - can culinary, but you can just children's sandbox.

First you need to prepare a basis for future bombs. To do this you need: 8 Art. l. soda, 4 tbsp. l. citric acid, 2 tbsp. l. milk powder or starch, 1 tbsp. l. base oil (olive oil, sea buckthorn, jojoba, almond, grape, etc.).

To bombs turned flavored or with additional ingredients, add to the base of coconut, milled flavored tea, sea salt, small flower petals. The main thing - remember that all fillers should be sufficiently crushed. Otherwise, the preparation of bombs will be bad stick together.

Now cooking. Soda must be carefully grind. If there is a seal, be sure to grind. Citric acid is also carefully smaller. Now mix all the ingredients. Note: you need to work with gloves to sweaty hands of bombs before time not hissed. Squeeze the mass is in the hand. It should turn into a tight ball, which when pressed easily crumble. If the mass turned slightly flabby, then add a little essential oil.

Carefully utrambuytemassu for cups and place for an hour in a dry place. Then gently shake the resulting bombs and leave for another day in the same dry place.

Bombs ready. Now you can enjoy a fragrant bath almost every day.

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