All the colors of Japanese cuisine

All the colors of Japanese cuisine
 Japanese cuisine is plenty of food low in carbohydrates - candy confectioners even the Japanese tend to do not so sweet as in Europe. Two other characteristics of Japanese cuisine: it is highly revered seasonality and extremely respectful of products.

There geisha and samurai, many products are considered animate. In the course of such expressions such as "the soul of rice." In this case - not surprising. This grass over other revered Japanese. They are ready to eat meals of rice three times a day. For breakfast - with vegetables and sauce for dinner - beef for dinner - fish. One of the calling cards of Japanese cuisine - sushi - and not without rice. Tellingly, the Japanese prefer round varieties which are more sticky. There are also specially bred varieties, unique content of starch is no country in the world.

Another popular product in Japan - noodles. Buckwheat soba are eaten with a thick sauce. Wheat udon - with meat. More likely to consume rice noodles accompanied by vegetables. As a rule, a dish of noodles has a default of some additional ingredient or sauce. But in some cases it may be asked itself, and meat, fish or vegetable component is supplied as a separate dish.

About fish and seafood used by Japanese chefs can talk endlessly. Of fish special attention are red tuna, and salmon lakedra. The most frequently used seafood - squid, shrimp, scallop and clam hokkigay.

Quite often on Japanese tables appear traditional thick soup in small ceramic pot. Ingredients in them can act poultry, seafood, quail eggs, shiitake mushrooms and various vegetables. Cutting products like soups are exquisitely. As broth, oddly enough, is often used dry semi-finished products. For example, in the case of fish soup - freeze-dried tuna flakes.

At the other extreme of the Japanese - very liquid miso soup, cooked on the basis of fermented soybean paste. They are salty and, in the opinion of the European, rather peculiar taste. Often dressed with slices of soy tofu, wakame seaweed and seaweed. Vegetable soups are typical in European cooking school in Japan were not widely as dairy products. Oddly enough, milk and its derivatives in Japan is used, in fact, rare. And the dishes that make him, it is not typical for Europe. For example, here are considered a delicacy dried milk foam. The majority of Russian children clearly refused to have this dessert.

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